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Thread: Shooting Locations in Singapore

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    Default Shooting Locations in Singapore

    Shooting Locations in Singapore

    The purpose of this thread is to gather CLUBSNAP member’s experience to form an easily accessible data base of best shooting locations/events in Singapore. I am sure that this information is scattered around in this forum and I guess there is a need for unification.

    Share your valuable knowledge here. You might wish to categorize your thread according to different classes of photography. It would be nice if you can tell why do you like a particular place and what shouldn’t we miss there or what is the best time to shoot etc…


    PS: I am not sure if I missed any similar threads, though I did extensive search. Please direct me if similar threads exist.
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    Little India for Street Shoot.

    Little India is authentic, nothing of the rather contrived parts of China town where Govt decides on what goes where. Candid opportunities and co-operative shopkeepers aplenty.

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    * Botanic gardens for macro shots
    * Chinatown for street shots (day/night)

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    CBD area for classic street shots

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    Default Shooting places in Singapore

    The Esplanade is a great place, particularly at night. Good views of CBD and good for abstracts. Try shooting the Marina from room of Esplanade for light trails (of the road below).

    Let's not forget Singapore Zoological Gardens for providing some of the best opportunities for wildlife photography of any zoo in the world. The natural habitats and lack of man-made features give some authenticity to the wildlife shots.

    Try shooting where you live - give yourself a brief to 'document' your HDB/condo etc and look for the interesting angles. It's a good way to find pictures in somewhere you take for granted.

    Hope this helps...

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    Check out this thread. It's just a list though. Little mention of why the place is good, when the best time to shoot the place etc. etc.

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    Hi Acroamatic,

    I think that Link is a pretty good link . I hope it would be nice if can have a detailed description if the places and later we can compile it as single thread. It is interesting to categorize places according to the type photography it is suitable for.


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    another place is your home. Yes, document your family life... many years down the road when you look back at the photograph, it brings back memories


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