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Thread: Taxi diver in Yogyakarta

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    Default Taxi diver in Yogyakarta

    Could any friend recommend a trustworthy taxi driver in Yogyakarta?
    Going there with my family. Hotels have been booked. Need transportation between Yog and surrounding sites.
    Maybe too late to ask here, leave Sat morning.

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    Wow. You mean a few hours from now? Anyway, try contacting Tri Kutarno @ +62 818 04214877. He's from Pondok Tours and he drove us around during our trips to Yogyakarta last year, and Surabaya/Bromo/Ijen mid of this year. Good luck.


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    You may want to contact them. Their rates were quite reasonable.

    If you are looking for something off teh beaten track, go for their hidden temples tour. I enjoyed it and I got great photos.


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