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    Hi everyone,

    I initially joined this forum when I got my olumpus pen Ep-1.
    however i lost it during my NZ trip. *sad*

    So I now seek advise from all you guys what dslr camera should i get.
    I am an earlier stage than beginner. haha
    I can only use my right hand for the camera as my left hand is not functioning

    thank you

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    Welcome to CS

    With only one hand,its a little difficult to handhold a DSLR leh

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    Tell us what your budget! That's a bit difficult ...using only one hand!
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    Welcome to CS
    Did you have problems operating the EP-1? In not, maybe you like to stick to that model? As for DSLR, it's bigger & heavier & the dials are quite difficult for you to reach.
    One DSLR I can think of is the nikon D60. Its mode dial & some buttons are on the top right side. With some practice, you can operate it with 1 hand. But the rest of the function buttons are at the back next to the LCD & its quite difficult to operate with one hand & you can only operate it with a fixed focal lens coz you won't be able to perform the zoom function & shoot at the same time while holding the camera.
    If you can handle the EP-1, then stay with that model.
    Maybe others here might have the alternatives for you
    Take the shot!

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    Welcome to CS.

    Going to be difficult to handle a DSLR with 1 hand.

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    Hi Amir. Welcome to CS.

    If there's a will to start photography, there will be a way even without using any hand.
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    Hi welcome to CS!
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    Hi Amir,

    If you are patient enough, you may want to try a high-end superzoom like Canon's SX120S is a good camera to start with. Tele and wide angle manipulation is done by buttons on one hand.

    If you want to do a better comparison, has done a review of several superzooms that you may wish to consider. Here is the link.

    I understand the difficulties, as I am myself in a wheelchair, but it should not stop anyone with disabilities to enjoy such a hobby

    Sorry you lost your baby in New Zealand Must have lost some memories that you captured on it.

    Nonetheless, welcome on board to the club, and don't be shy!

    A picture a day keeps the blues away!

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    Welcome to CS . . .
    i can understand your feeling when u lost your camera, worst it is the photos that are being taken with it. I lost mine few years ago too.

    If you have the will and passion for DSLR, go for it. Don't let anything hinder it.

    It is very difficult to focus, to change lens, . . . and the list goes on.
    But, it all depends on YOU!

    Ever seen an artist paints with his legs?
    Ever seen ballet without a leg or an arm? . . .

    You may wish to either get a simple and light ones to start with in order to gain confidence OR borrow from your friends to try out.

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    Yikes @ losing the Ep-1. Have you considered the newer EP-2 or EPL-1 ?

    Also, how about other mirrorless models like the Sony NEX, Samsung NX10 and Panasonic G2?
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