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    Hi All, got to this site from Lockergnome Windows Fanatics.

    Take a look

    "If you placed a camera outside of your window for a complete day, what would you see? Depending on where you live, you might see tranquil surroundings, a bustling metropolis, or something in between. You may even get footage of the crazy guy across the street that always sits by his window with binoculars in hand. He even has your name written on his shirt in red marker. I wonder what he's watching? Anyway, it's nice to get out of our own little world and see what it's like in other places. Their Circular Life is an interesting project that is trying to document this very thing.

    The whole idea is that a camera is placed in one spot for an entire day. Sound is also recorded to give you an audible sense of what's going on. This information is then compiled into a Flash movie. Once you select the area that you want to observe, you just drag a triangle around a circle that represents that time of day. You can drag it slowly or quickly depending on how much detail you want to observe. When you move slowly through time, the transitions from hour to hour look amazing. Stop every once in awhile to listen in on the sounds of the area. If you think the location where you live would be worthy of posting, the site is open to contributions and will instruct you on what you need to do to document a location for submission. Take a break from the complications of your day and visit Their Circular Life for a relaxing view of life around the world. [Brandon]"


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