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Thread: PHoto competition.....

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    Default PHoto competition.....

    There is many many competion out there.... But one thing which i really Make me feel worth Less is "Entries will became sole properties of the Organiser"

    What is this mean? it means to me that Organizer having competition so that they can collect photo..... Not sure if this is thier way to do the promotion or Use your photo for their advertisement ... but possibility is there.....

    It make sense to me that if the winner's photo is their properties, ok for me, BUT.... those whitout price still have the price ma... right

    So untill now.... i didn't enter any compertition... Feel so sayang to my effort to take thoose picture.

    Share you opinion pls....

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    I believe there was a thread about a couple of weeks ago about this issue. Do a search and you'll find the comments...

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    hmtiong, please refer to this thread: competition entries are non-returnable

    plenty of discussion related to your queries there...

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    thanks for your helps


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