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If i prefer canon and nikon, which specific model wld you suggest? Or actually they are about the same ya?
I would second the advice from daredevil on the Pentax Kx. You are getting more for the money.
1. High ISO performance that is as good/better than models 1 teir above.
2. On-camera shake reduction
3. On camera drive motor
4. Backwards compatibility to all K-mount lenses (many of which you can get cheap)
5. Nice and well thought out interface (Eg. You get to review what happens to your camera settings (ie. WB; Color modes; digital filters as you change them. You even get to save the picture in the new setting by pressing the AE-L button)

All that for about $700+ with a 18-55mm kit lens is a very good deal.
Pentax was the first Japanese SLR manufacturer and has a big reputation in their medium format cameras, so it is a very old (older in fact) and well know camera brand.

If you are severely constrained by budget, then any older model from any brand at the right price will do, but you will have to lower some expectations, esp in the high ISO department.