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Thread: help with microsoft outlook

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    Default help with microsoft outlook

    anyone knows how to configure MS outlook?
    as in i normally use this yahoo mail. but when i click on those e-mail links, my outlook will open up. so anyone knows how to open my yahoo from outlook? or link it to my yahoo account?
    or have a better program to recommend?

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    If you have a Yahoo Singapore account, first click on Mail Options, then POP Access and Forwarding. Choose Web and POP Access, then submit. After that, you can configure Outlook to retrieve and send your email: read Yahoo's help.

    If you have an older Yahoo account (before the Singapore section opened), you might have to pay for POP access. In this case, you will not be able to retrieve mail using any mail program, Outlook or otherwise unless you subscribe to the service.

    But I don't recommend Outlook. Check out Mozilla and replace Internet Explorer while you are at it too!


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