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Thread: Eerie Items in BnW

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    Default Eerie Items in BnW

    #1 Ronald

    #2 Turkey

    #3 The Dead (Didnt turn out as well as i expected, wrong angle? Does it work for you? Pls give comments)

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    ronald seems errie to chucky

    #2 is a character from chickern run eh? like snapshot...candid

    the dead...maybe wrong angle...don't know.

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    Fits for me..wats it??..
    Looks eerie haha..
    Zeng Liwei | Photos

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    #3 looks like some artifacts from a freshly dug vietnam war grave

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    1 and 2 are more cute then eerie

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    Haha you have a sick sense of humour my friend Just like me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paperkurt
    Fits for me..wats it??..
    Looks eerie haha..
    Btw, Its a muslim mass grave i think. Not quite sure. Just looked nice

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    I'm never going to eat at mcdonalds again.


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