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Thread: 11 Days in Taiwan

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    There are some good resource here:

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    Hi can anyone recomend where to stay in Kaohsiung? Which hotel? will be there for 3night 3days holiday. Never been there first time to taiwan need help.

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    1st off.... sorry to TS for using his thread for info.

    My questions is regarding getting from Taipei to Jiufen by Rail.

    From what I could find out.... I suppose to do the following -

    1) Take the Western Line Train from Taipei Main Station.
    2) Change to Yilan Line (Eastern Line) at Badu Station.
    3) Get off at Ruifang Station.
    4) Walk across the street infront of the station and take the Keelang Transit Bus to Jiufen.

    Is there anything I miss out ?? or is any of the points wrong ??

    * Am I even suppose to change train at Badu Station ?? Or does the train automaticly change from the Western line to the Eastern line??

    * What Number is the Keelang Transit Bus I'm suppose to take ??

    I've tried looking for info in Google, Wikipedia and some travel website.... many just said get to Ruifang Station... but non point out HOW to get there (Which train line, need to change train or not... etc). Also not one said which bus number to take

    Could those who already been there give some info. Thxs

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    Quote Originally Posted by STTNP View Post
    Hi can anyone recomend where to stay in Kaohsiung? Which hotel? will be there for 3night 3days holiday. Never been there first time to taiwan need help.

    erm. kaoshiung? evergreen is good. the position of it is nice at least.

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    another option for u to visit hot spring other than Yang Ming Shan will be Wu Lai.

    it's a old town and easy to reach. u can take Mrt to Xin Dian then take a bus to Wu Lai or take a cab to WU Lai also can.. it's a nice place..

    I went to Jiufen and i'm a little regret that i do not have enough time to visit their Gold museuem. Jiufen got quite a number of food u can try and its taste good!

    if visiting Yeliu, be sure to follow the guide foot step painted on the flooring to see the famous (niu huang feng) i went there and got lost where to see this.. end up walking up n down around the area.

    Clubbing at Taipei, Wednesday nigth is a ladies night there, i went to room 18 and paid about SGD 5+ for the entrance fee and i got free flow of drinks in there.. another night i went to Lava, entrance fee is about SGD50 (inclusive of 3 drinks).. both were near Taipei 101..

    when i was there during tt time, actually i booked a tourist cab ( its a MPV cab) a day to bring us around. it cost about TW3500 for whole day (i think the rate is for about 4-6 pax. per pax paid about TW700-> SGD$ 30+ i remembered).. he can speaks english as well. i think the trip is quite worth it because if split the cost betwen 4-5 pax u save alot and get to travel around.

    we went to strawberry farm, yeliu, jiu fen, huang jin bo wu yuan, yin yang hai, tried eating pin lang, keelung night market, then back to our hotel.. 1 whole day till night travel here n there.. i think tt it's really worth the money because i searched online for this type of services, all were very expensive..

    if u want the contacts, i can give u. and u can call/ email and ask.

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