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Thread: I have a Minolta Dynax 303si.

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    Question I have a Minolta Dynax 303si.

    Am a 'newby' here and would like info on best filters to use for this camera. I usually use it only for formal outings and family photos and use a small digital for everyday stuff.I already have a polarized and UV filter but am interested in buying some good quality colour filters as I'd like to experiment with possibilities, in the range of landscape and nature photography.
    My grandfather did photography when I was just a kid and I remember looking at his Hoya filters and his beautiful German camera and wondering if one day I could do what he here I am, many years later having done thousands of photos and would like to do it more seriously..experiment and being creative etc any helpful info would be great..thnx!

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    Default Re: I have a Minolta Dynax 303si.

    Tianya/Cokin square filters?

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    Your granddad had a firm understanding of light and used the filters to form the light in the way he wanted. Also: he used coloured filters because he needed to get the effect straight away so that it appears in the print. There wasn't any Photoshop available at this time. Without knowledge filters won't help much.
    Filters are independent from cameras. You can use any filter on any camera as long as the filter is big enough and doesn't cause vignetting. And: Don't use the older Linear Polarizer on modern DSLR. But you can use Circular Polarizer (CPL) on older film SLR. Tianya, Cokin, Lee, Singhray and others are often discussed here. Search for them and you'll find all the various threads.
    Secondly: unless you want to get prints directly from your film you can also read about scanning negatives / slides and do post-processing on computer, similar to digital images. In this case there is no need for coloured filters, you can do all this using Photoshop at your own sweet time and try as long as you need. A sunset only lasts 1h .. and the light changes with every minute
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