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Thread: Who have resisted the DSLR temptation?

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    A couple of years and a sizable collection of slides later, I bought my first slide projector for $AUD 20 a month ago. Put a picture of my nephew bathing in a tub into the projector and I almost cried. I'm miles away from him, but the image came alive, the water droplets on his face looked so palpable. It was as if I could go around the wall to see the other side.

    I bought a Canon A70 for my wife. She doesn't use it often as it's too techky. I don't use it other than to scan my slides (from the projections), and to use it as a portable light meter.

    The desire to move up to a DSLR fades by the day in this environment even though a roll of Provia cost 20 bucks here, and developing the positives (unmounted) cost 11 bucks.

    Oh, how I missed RGB and Cathay!


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    it doesn't fit my hobby.

    I do expeditions to moutains over extended time, and also constantly subjected to harsh conditions.

    This is where DSLRs come in doubtful.
    1. battery power is expensive, and needs recharging. YOu don't have that kind of luxury in the wilderness.

    2. The DSLR may be built like a brick, but if the memory fails you, thats the end man.

    I rather have the insurance of having 30 slide rolls with me rather than 1 GB compact flash card to rely my fate on.

    Thats why I have never considered digital now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by shutterfly
    With the introduction of entry level DSLRs like 300D n D70, many have flocked to the world of DSLRs. For those who can afford but have yet to make the move, may I know why?

    Also try to avoid statement like "It is the photographer, not the camera", etc kind of statement. We have seen many pple here not practising what they preached.
    It IS the photographer and not the camera. Why buy something you don't need?

    PS: The D70 beats the 300D.

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