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Thread: INCEPTION - Did he or did he not? -spoiler alert!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9V-Orion Images View Post
    Indeed the seow char bor wife of Cobb, Mal, may be right afterall and it is Cobb himself that has lost all sense of reality.
    i think the plot is way too deep n insane.

    probably have to re-watch it a few times after what the nice dr.johnson has errmm... theorised.
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    I think people seeking "the true" ending to the show are missing the whole point.

    We can interpret it at face-value like a layman, or in an extremely abstract way like the philosophical professor.

    The whole plot can be interpreted in so many ways, and no one interpretation can be proven true over others; that is essentially the beauty of the film.

    And a film really succeeds when it can get people discussing its plot, long after they walk out of the cinema.
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