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    Default Need help in quoting

    just got asked to quote on a job and i have no experience in working this out. hopefully someone can give me some pointers on this.

    i am asked to produce abt 7 images for a client based on a lifestyle shoot. it will be a location shoot. the usage is not known to me but it will be used online on their website.

    what i like to find out is other than my day rate, what other things should i factor into the quotation?

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    Default Re: Need help in quoting

    How about Costs?

    And try to imagine your Workflow in doing the said job.. Is it worth it for the amount that you charge?

    And also how much you want to do the job...

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    other factor includes loading fees, which can be based in terms of period and/or media.

    it's like royalty fees. you can limit the photo to be used for 1/2/3 years etc after which they have to pay again. another is the media used, if they decide to used the photos other than on their website(eg magazines,billboards,taxi) they need to pay extra

    some people just charge a lump sum and release all the rights of usage to the buyer

    otherwise just charge for the intended media use & the stated period of time, and they pay extra only when they decide to use it for other media or extend period of time

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    thanks for the advice. sent it out and hoping for the best.


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