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Thread: family portrait, help me

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    Default family portrait, help me

    hi guys,

    im given a task by my family to take a family portrait.

    ive got 3X180W strobe lights for me to use for the shoot.

    I would like to ask many of the pros here:

    1. Is these lighting sufficient for use at home?
    2. Softbox? Umbrellas?
    3. Lighting techniques such as positions and etc....

    Hope that you guys can share with me these doubts im having, and if there is more than wat i can learn from you guys, please share.

    Thank you guys!

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    Default Re: family portrait, help me

    do share a bit more info, such as
    1) group size and how you intend to position them
    2) size of area/room which you will use for this portrait

    someone will certainly help you.

    I don't have studio strobes.... YET
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: family portrait, help me

    The fastest way is to dropby your library. Look for books on studio techniques. Very helpful as the books are often comes with illustration.

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    Default Re: family portrait, help me

    I dont have studio strobes either..

    Maybe u stand a better chance of gettng ur answer in here
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