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Thread: Kodak discontinuing Supra Professional films

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    Default Kodak discontinuing Supra Professional films

    T400 CN, portra 400 bw and others...

    Replacing it with Ultracolor series
    hmm... non rated at 800. :P

    for more info, refer to Kodak webby.

    darn... first it was supra 100, then when I got used with supra 400... now it's all gone... maybe time to stock up some of the 800...

    time to move to fuji? :P hope they stop tinkering with the Tri-X... love that film.

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    Kodak is really crazy. There's no standardisation on film. They bring out a film, and by the time people get used to its characteristics it is discontinued after a year. Look at 400UC, it's hardly been out a year or two. I used to like the PJ series and it died in a very short time. Then came Supra and it died in a few years. I gave up on Kodak and switched to Fuji. At least they don't totally change their films every 6 months. Been using NPH for as long as I can remember and it is still the same reliable film.

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    tcn400 also will be taken out??


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