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    Hello ,

    I am new to camcorders. Reason for purchase is to make documentary movies on Singapore Wildlife. Need Macro more Then Wide angle. Intentions is to make movies documentary. Anyone can help with feedback on Canon XM 1, Panasonic AG-DVX100 Professional MiniDV camcorders and Sony DCR VX 2000. All advised will be appreciated .Thank You In advance.


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    Hi Abdul,

    The feedback section is not really meant for asking questions like this - its more for members to feedback to the Admins/Moderators on issues pertaining to the operations of the forums itself.

    Moving this thread to Kopitiam as there isn't a video specific forum here in ClubSNAP.

    Depending on your budget, the XM2 (XM1 already discontinued) should suit your purposes. I have not tried the macro functions but the 10x optical zoom with optical stabiliser works a treat.

    But depending on what type of wildlife you are trying to shoot (errr .. in Singapore, quite a bit limited though), the Canon XL1 with interchangeable lenses may be more suitable but also more expensive. XL1 can use Canon's range of EF lenses for its SLR range (albeit with some limitations) to provide greater reach.

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    Default Camcorders Feedback

    Thanks Darren for the views. I will look into dvd forums.


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    What's your budget? From your choices, it seems that $6000.00 is not a problem. The DVC100 is good for wide angle, go for the XL-1s, buy the EOS adaptor and use SLR lens for an amazing 7x fov crop! Super tele. Image using a 200mm lens = 1400mm! The only problem is your minimum focusing distance and focusing accuracy.

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    Yes XL 1S has this problems when using EF lens. Recommended is Sony PD 170 and Panansonic AG-DVX100. Unless I want interchangeable lens then go for XL 1S then I have to go for Canon EF lenses.

    Still reviewing my needs, it is major investment for me. More feedbacks is welcome.


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