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    Hello Agetan and everyone on this thread.
    I have been reading this thread but have not contributed yet.

    In my case, my motivation for taking up photography (as a hobby, not a profession) is summarised by the lyrics of this beautiful song:
    So gather moments while you may
    Collect the dreams
    you dream today
    Remember, will you remember
    The times of your life?

    Yes, Paul Anka's Times of Your Life. It remained deeply etch in my memory as a young boy, and more so now with the significance it portrays.
    And thus my motivation for shooting as a hobby.
    I believe years later when (and if any of them care to do so) my future generations go up to my Flickr account they will see all the photos - good times, not so good times, of their forefathers.
    Just so that we all can listen to this beautiful and meaningful song, I have put it here:

    Video Missing

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    Remember your first love.

    Time changes. It never stay the same.
    And things changes with time.
    Sometimes in a journey we progress till a distance where we forgot the reason why we take that journey. It is usually times like this where we look for a direction (motivation).

    It's roughly the same with relationships. So remember your first love. Why you love in the first place. It helps you to continue and identify your direction.

    I took up photography last Feb. Definitely not a professional.
    Started up, I just want to take proper photos. My photos initially was worse than those taken automatically with PnS.

    Then after a basic course I just want to take better photos.

    Then recently I shoot a lot and is more or less competent but I got tired of shooting, post-processing, .. .etc. I can't remember my motivation for taking up photography. I lost sight of it all. Thought of picking up new hobby but reading this thread does make me remember a fair bit...

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    Thx guys...

    Was partly hoping that the experience guys would like to put in their 2c but guess they are still busy with their work.

    Hope they will share when they got a minute.


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    For me, it will be the ability to change the world within my limited capacity in my life time. I.e. change the way things currently are for the better and make a difference to people.

    I believe $ will be a by-product and come along the way if my efforts are the in right direction in helping people. $-driven motivation will work too, but not sustainable and often produce the opposite results (there many of such unhappy ppe around us).

    That doesn't mean that we do charity or pro bono work all the time. All of us have to charge a fair rate that makes us sustainable too. If not, our contribution to this world will stop when we can't bring food to the table.


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    Thx. One of my client who founded a charity foundation once told me, that in order to help others you will need to be successful first.

    It is quite true.

    Motivation is important to carry you through the hard work that one will go through and yes, money is often by-product of successful business.

    All the best.


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