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Thread: What will you do?

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    Default What will you do?

    If you are given a chance to be a photographer assistant and pursuade your dream and career in photography. But that will means that you have to quit your current job which offer better salary and prospect in the long run. You personally do not mind the salary, because you believe that if you are doing something you really like, you will put in 100% effort, and you will wake up a happy man every morning.

    But you are force to make a tough decision. Your family depend heavily on your income. A cut in salary and the risk of a new career field, will means that your family might suffered because of you.

    What will you do?
    passion or family?

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    why don't you be a freelance first, let your surrending know you more and who are you, in other words, get a frame first. then you'll see how it goes each day? put in 100% doesn't mean you will sure get 50% of your effort. what's more think of your family first, once you a frame things will go easier.
    and the most is, if you really really really think you can do it, family support it, don't wait, just go.

    PS: Being a full time photographer is just not Shoot Shoot Shoot, lots of stuff to do too.

    just my 2 cents of dollar

    Good LuckY!

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    i agree... i think family should come first... shoot and let ur family starve? then who pay for your extras for ur camera? A vicious cycle i'd say....
    The equipment can only bring you so far - the rest of the photographic journey is done by you.

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    family first, passion can wait

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    for sure family first...

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    Was in the midst of writing a long entry, then my computer hung. Oh well, I shall just say: follow your passion.

    Instead of trying to re-write what I wrote, I'll point to an article that I read some time ago: What Should I Do With My Life?

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    follow your passion.

    things may be tough initially, but if the family pulls together, scrimps and saves, can still survive. that's when love and understanding are most crucial.

    eventually, you will achieve success and fortune in your photography career.
    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye


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