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Thread: Why we need Post Processing?

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    Been lurking in CS for a while. Was reading more threads recently and begin to feel the itch to participate in the discussions more.

    I use digital because of the conveniences/economy (eg. storage. no need to buy film or bring to lab etc) and the options (eg. can shoot as many shots) but unlike most digital shooter I don't really like pp. I tend to put importance in finding the right condition, must like the character that my camera and lens give me, framing is important but nowadays it is train to be quick and intuitive.

    I tend to pre-process more then post though I do enjoy the economy of digital. My choice of camera is important cos if I spend good money on it then I must like the character of it, both what it produce inside and what it looks like and the weight of it though I must say those choices are purely subjective.

    Hope to offer a personal perspective to this thread. As some one say before: "no right or wrong" to this art we so enjoy, just personal style.

    Below are two recent shots taken with an Oly e-p1 with CV 40mm f1.4 lens. Some in camera setting adjustments but no post processing. Straight from JPG.

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    If you are talking Journalism then photos should not be edited past crop, colour correction, straighten and sharpen.

    Art on the other hand can be the result of anything the user desires and PP allows us to run wild.

    A darkroom was an essential tool in the past, as is a computer in the digital age.
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