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Thread: Canon 18-55mm or 18-200mm?

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    Default Re: Canon 18-55mm or 18-200mm?

    If budget is unlimited.. then need to consider all those comments mentioned..

    If got budget constraint, the 18-55IS + 55-250IS cost less than 18-200IS and have a reach of 18-250mm.

    With that reach, as a beginner venturing into photography, it's possible to explore the different genres.

    If a beginner is concerned about having to switch lens, whether lazy or afraid of missing that moment.. then I have no further comments.

    I feel that beginners should be more concerned about the basics of photography to get the exposure correct then worry about "missing the moment" due to lens change. That would be post-beginner stage. By then, probably the user would be more clear on what he/she wanna shot and choose the next lens carefully.

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    i started with a 18-200mm. but it depreciates fast. i got a 55-250 in the end. teaches you how to change lenses too
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    If u got the cash? 18-200. Note that i personally don't like it cos of crappy iq. But its a pretty decent lens to begin with. Explore the fl see which one you use most. Makes future upgrade easier. I used 18-55 and i got little experience with anything more than 85mm. So i dunno whether i want 70-200. Lol
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    go for 18-200mm.

    Else like me, now i am thinking of what to get now . . . 70-200mm or 18-200mm.
    i regreted going for 18-55.


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