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Thread: HDR and D-Range

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    Hello All

    I am confused on when , under what conditions , to use HDR and D-Range in Sony 550?

    Also if I set both on Auto and shoot in JPEG, which one will take priority (that means which one (HDR or D-Range) will the camera use) ?


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    It will use the mode you tell it to (in PASM, Auto can only use DRO, this is in your manual too). It's not a matter of the camera prioritizing one over the other. If you actually use the camera and try both modes, and do a little research and reading online on what HDR is, etc, you will realize that HDR is good for static shots like landscape (since it has to take more than one picture), while DRO is good for single shots.
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    They are 2 different methods attempting to get the same results. Googling around will get you the best results as reviewers/photography websites often use diagrams and pictures to explain.


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