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Thread: How to use silica gel in a dry box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angy
    personally, I would not bother with the silica gel approach. It is going to do more harm than good to your precious equipment.

    Why? Silica gel does not know when to stop abosrbing the moisture in the box. So you can start with a relative humidity of 98% and then go all the way to 30%. Then you camera gear will get too dry. So you imagine, everytime you open your box, the relative humidity goex back to 98%. Then the gel starts to absorb the moisture till it cannot absorb anymore. You can imagine what your tape will be like if you have silica gel inside the box.

    I still prefer buying the electric dry box where there is a thermostat to control the relative humidity.

    Good luck if you insist in using silica gel or hungry hippo.

    the trick is to determine how much gel to use, and use a hygrometer to measure humility

    i own a dry box and an electric dry cabinet. i use the dry box for long term storage

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    If it is long term storage, (that is open only once) and you can have a hygrometer inside to measure, I agree it is a cheap option.

    However, everytime you open the box, you have invited humid air into your dry box again. Then the silicon gel that in your box will not be able to absorb the any more new moisture.

    I have been there done that, still the final result is the electric dry cabinet.

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