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    *The folks over at Unified Color have caused quite a bit of stir with their new HDR Expose program. It’s got a plug-in for Lightroom as well so you can use it seamlessly. Here’s a couple of videos if you want to check it out.
    -*Using HDR Expose
    -*HDR Expose and Lightroom

    *Timothy Armes has released a new plug-in for Lightroom 3 for FTP Publishing (still works in version 2 but LR3 really takes advantage of it

    *Matthew Campagna at The Turning Gate has released a new version of the popular TTG Highslide Gallery Pro web engine for Lightroom (you can now password protect your galleries).

    Have a great weekend!


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    Looks promising, Looking forward the 12th...
    See if better organised that Photomatix...


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