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    learn about this word(Miksang) on Art central tv programme months ago. just did a search in this forum but found nothing. basically it's a photography concept. for details, find out from here:

    if you don't like theory, jump straight into here: and look at some practical example then maybe u'll get the idea roughly.

    just want to share this info with everyone and see what's everyone's opinion...

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    quite zen-ish feel the pics simple n nice

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    Hmhm.. the whole definition of this "concept" is this:
    meaning to say our culture/ dislikes/ likes/ religion even will subconsciously affect how we percieve and the angle of perception thus affecting the way we photograph.

    Miksang is not exactly a method but a school of thoughts to see past all that binds our perception of things into something "universal" and "simplify" the process of picture making.

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    thanks for the enlightenment


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