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Thread: Colour Printing Problems.

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    Default Colour Printing Problems.

    Hi there,
    this is really kinda inportant cause I'm doing an exhibition.
    Why is it that when I view pictures on my computer its fine,
    but when I print both professionally and normally its very dark?
    Is it the printer?
    Or the computer.

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    wat u see on screen is usually not wat u get on paper.

    u will need to calibrate ur screen to match ur printer as close as possible.

    for more professional calibrations, there are calibration kits used for press quality screen calibration.

    as a home user. u can print a set of color spaces on a paper, and set ur screen to match the printout as close as possible.

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    There are numerous discussion on this subject. The latest being Try search the forum and you will probably find the answer.


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