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Thread: Advice on "Seaproofing" SLR

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    Default Advice on "Seaproofing" SLR

    Hi forummers,

    I intend to take my 40D for a maiden deepsea fishing trip to Fiji soon. Can anyone share ideas on how to keep the camera & lens safe from the salt sprays and after care?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Advice on "Seaproofing" SLR

    Wanna be really safe, then get a underwater casing. But it won't be cheap.

    Else there are a few types of travelling bags which would keep the camera safe during transit. But there is no gurantee that the salt sprays won't get at your camera during usage. Just try not to expose the innards as much as possible. (i.e. card changes or battery changes should be in a safe area)
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    cheaper option is rainsleeve......but only good for spashes.
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    Used this on my 40D during my trip to tioman, expect some quality loss and serious light falloff though..


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