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Thread: Photography Trip to Kuantan

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    Default Photography Trip to Kuantan

    Hi all, here's an announcement for all those interested in going Malaysia to shoot some pictures and relax for a while

    Stanley Lim Colour Centre is organising a Photo Outing to Kuantan this June from the 11th to the 13th and all those interested can sign up..
    Here are the details:

    11/6 Day 1: Start departing to Kuantan

    12/6 Day 2 : Arrive at Kuantan
    Move to Sungai Lembing (Panorama Hill)
    Arrive at Panorama hill to take sunrise pics
    Breakfast (own)
    Charas Cave
    Sungei Pandan Waterfall
    River Cruise
    Check-in Hotel
    Lunch (own)
    Fishing village to take fishing pics lah..
    Cherating village
    Back to hotel
    Dinner (own)

    13/6 Day 3 : Breakfast (hotel)
    Trip to pekan (the Royal Town)
    The Royal Museum visit
    Lunch (own)
    Visit the typical Malay Village
    Start departing for Singapore
    arrive at Singapore

    For clubsnap members, we are offering a special price of $210 per pax
    The no. of participants are limited to 30
    There will be a special tour bus to bring everyone around and a tour guide will accompany us throughout the trip.

    Those interested can bring along their spouses/girlfriends and boyfriends if they want and spend some quality time together outside Singapore.
    For those who think that gfs and cameras dun click, dun have to worry.. with like-minded photographers and their like-minded gfs, there will be plenty of chances for interaction between the ladies while photogs learn more about photography from each other all while enjoying the scenic views at the same time...

    Those interested can find out more by calling Joanne at 98583502
    Hurry, places are limited to 30!!!
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    yo dude, you going?

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    wah friend, me got IA leh... cant go

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    Quote Originally Posted by mervlam
    wah friend, me got IA leh... cant go
    DUde, its weekend trip leh..

    GO GO GO!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chyeo
    yo dude, you going?

    may go lah... see how lor.. if can take leave then I go lor....
    go leh merv.... it'll b fun....

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    Me going too! Looks like its going to be a fun outing! There should be still vacancies, so sign up fast!


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