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Thread: Dirt on viewfinder?

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    Default Re: Dirt on viewfinder?

    I had 1 camera with a small patch of fungus in the viewfinder. I left it there. And sometimes even with dust in the sensor, I also don't care. Unless the dust spot is too obvious.
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    Default Re: Dirt on viewfinder?

    If I were you, I won't bother unless it's affecting my pictures.
    I had them before and now it's gone..
    My last one was a very stubborn one on my mirror/sensor and was happily moving around and was the star of all my pictures. Cannot tahan having to clone all the time, sent to NSC.
    It cost $26.75 to be exact..

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    Thank god there's a solution to this. Yeah, will tahan until it becomes unbearable. So far i've cleaned the sensor and my image's sweet as ever

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