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Thread: Rain how har?

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    1) Put you cam in a ziplock bag (always in my camera bag)
    2) Put your cam in the camera bag.
    3) Use a super big plastic/trash bag over your camera bag (always in my camera bag)
    4) A rain coat(i prefer this)/poncho for youself and hid everything under your rain coat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleFai View Post
    Suppose you are in the field and it may rain... what would you do to prevent your DSLR camera from getting wet? Put in NTUC bag? Or use those super duper (and expensive) rain cover? Any trick/experience that worked well (short of carrying a bulky camera bag lah)?
    My camera bag is weather-proof, so i just chuck it back into the bag. I assume you are talking about more than just a light drizzle.

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    you know the yellow recycling bag that they always give and throw in your house? If you stay HDB?

    yah, free one, keep one in the bag all the time for me. any emergency, lup it in like condom.

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    Have happened to me a few times... I just continue shooting... my camera and lens is weather resistant... Pentax mah

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