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Thread: Lumix GH1 - Is the price overkill?

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    Default Lumix GH1 - Is the price overkill?

    Hi guys

    May I know why GH1 is soo expensive.

    Which nikon or canon models that GH1 is similar to in term of the spec & feature.

    It seems that the lumix GH1 is not that popular here in this forum. I'm not able to search more for this product.
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    Default Re: Lumix GH1 - Is the price overkill?

    you can probably find info on it under the four-thirds subforum
    Nikon and Canon do not make an equivalent product at the moment. The GH1 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.
    If you require the high-def video, probably the canon 550D comes closest.
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    Default Re: Lumix GH1 - Is the price overkill?

    It is the kit lens of the GH1 that is expensive.. The 14-140mm lens is very silent when zooming and focussing.. The video quality from the gh1 is also pretty decent..


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