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Thread: Drinking time

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    Default Drinking time

    I was testing my 50mm F1.8D.

    And no, I dont have drinking problem.

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    Nice shots... Like the 2nd shot.. very moody heehee...

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    secons shot can try taking straight and wif the light behind...if have some reflection below even better.....cheers...

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    erm, u might want to resize your pics smaller before posting them.. too big, especially the first pic

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    Thanks for all the comments. The second pic I just lit a candle behind the bottle, could have use a mirror to reflect some light to the bottle side?

    My home PC's res is quite high, so i didnt realized it's so large until i view it in office.

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    First shot:
    There seems to be some green cast in the photo, If you were to correct the color cast in ps, the photo may have more impact.

    Second shot:
    Good one
    Maybe ps away the distraction at the lower left?

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    yea u dont have a problem with drinks i guess... judging from wads avaible. hahaz. =)

    like the second pic but find the thing at the bottom left abit farni.. and distraction.. i believe is teh balieys... u want i can keep that outta the shot for u. =)

    first one seems an odd composition... and green cast on the subjects..

    and lastly... yea great lens. =)


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    Thanks for all your comments.


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