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Thread: Guidelines For Posting In The Olympus Forum

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    Exclamation Guidelines For Posting In The Olympus Forum

    Dear Olympians and Olympians-to-be,

    I realized that since the beginning of this forum, there isn't any clearly drawn-up guidelines given, and some forumers might had unwittingly done things that may not be consistent with the purpose of this forum.

    Therefore, I have drafted some guidelines for your reference, and I hope that you can adhere to them as much as possible. Here goes:

    This forum should be used strictly for:

    1) Discussions on Olympus cameras (digital and film) and its accessories (not necessary limited to the Olympus brand);

    2) Discussions on pictures taken using Olympus cameras (digital and film), and ways to improve the quality and experience in photoshooting. However, please refrain from using this forum as a gallery to showcase your pictures;

    3) Comparison of prices related to Olympus cameras (digital and film) and its accesories (not necessary limited to the Olympus brand);

    4) The places whereby you can get these items;

    5) Organising photoshooting sessions or Olympus interest groups gatherings.

    However, if you intend to use this forum for:

    1) Selling your things (including Olympus-related items);

    2) Idle chit-chat;

    3) Other out-of-topic matters;

    I will have to take actions as I deem fit.

    I thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please feel at home while you are here. Enjoy your photographic freedom and creativity, Olympians!!!

    Yours faithfully

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