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    Quote Originally Posted by limwhow View Post
    DuoMaxwell, it is very good of you to come onto this thread and share with us your experience.
    I am sure not only is the TS interested in this matter, there are many others in Singapore and around the region who are also keen to know about this Visa and Permit matters.

    My personal experiences and similarly those of my friends and associates who have done the trip are:

    1. As Singaporean (or foreigners of China), we have a 14 days visa (签证)for travel to China, exceeding which we will be penalised and/or fined.
    2. We are also required to have a Tibet Entry Permit (入藏许可证 or often known as 批件) to visit Tibet and the various sights.

    As you are based in Hangzhou, may I ask if it is possible for you to check with the local agency about foreigners visiting Tibet (its major cities, towns, major tourist sights and monasteries including Potala Palace/Jokhang Temple and such)?
    Of course, at your convenience.

    Incidentally, this site which I often refer to for information, has an interesting discussion here on Entry Permit to Tibet (click this link).
    Perhaps check out this page as there is some very pertinent discussions there.

    Yea. 14 days for a social visit pass.
    I dont live very near a travel agent, perhaps if i passby one i'll do it.

    I usually go trips with this site,
    We could actually ask them online, they have customer service line when you enter the site (and i thought it was fake until i went to their customer service center to ask)

    I've saw the link but it's dated 2006. Rules in china changes very quickly, I have a Chinese friend going there in october but she did not say she need a permit. Yea but may be we need because we are foreigners. You are probably right.

    I am planning to do that during the Chinese National Day 1st October to 7th October, i will definitely get the problem solved by then. Curious how much do you all spend on transportation and lodging?

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    Quote Originally Posted by limwhow View Post
    Well, Rig81, like what several of the CSers have mentioned on this thread, it is almost necessary (mandatory) to have a guide.
    Even when just two of us went on our first Tibet trip, we had to have a licensed guide with us throughout our trip.
    Now it's even stricter, I believe.

    On our last trip, while walking along Barkhor outside Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, we saw two young, handsome Singaporean men strolling on their own with their backpacks, amongst patrols after patrols of military police in green (武警) and security police in blue (公安).
    This is not impossible. Because even when our guide goes back to rest in the evening, we can still roam about on our own in the city.
    But when you visit the main monasteries, you need to purchase tickets (in fact, almost ALL major monasteries will need ticket), and that is when your guide and the necessary papers must be present.
    And like one of the CSers mentioned, when you travel from town to town, passing check points, again the guide will be of utmost importance.

    No point going all the way to Tibet only to find yourself not being able to visit the various important sights nor pass through to Nepal, right?

    Still, do ask your China friend to check with the local travel agencies.
    Perhaps there might be some other ways unknown to us.
    Okey.. normally I'm going there with a friend.. 4 of us.. we have our own itenerary as i hate the itenerary of the travel agency... if we go to places like Everest base camp, or other places, we are going to hire an SUV with driver. i heard that those driver can be like a travel guide as well.. Question.. thus the authority there check the guides ID or something? maybe by this way i can go with my friends and only apply for the necessary permits....

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    you can still have your own itinerary, and ask the travel agent to arrange the logistics for you, no need to go for those organised tour packages.
    with a tour guide, if you suffer from altitude sickness, he can help to ensure that your trip goes on smoothly, or worse case facilitate doc to attend to you.

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