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Thread: buying from CS mass order

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    Question buying from CS mass order

    Being new to dslr, was thinking of getting some small accessories. Would like to ask all here how reliable is it to order from the mass sale?

    For example, ecamerahouse is selling the lenspen and pop-up diffuser much cheaper than the other mass sellers (like 50%, even though they are really small items). For the lenspen especially, how do you tell which is original and which isn't?

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    no real way of telling unless you find earlier threads by the same mass-seller with other CS residents giving him or her the thumbs-up I guess.

    Sometimes you have to calculate if it's worth the risk... it may be original, but it may be a parallel set (grey set) without warranty hence cheaper as people are bypassing the system. Sometimes it may outright be a cheap bootleg.

    If you really want to be safe, then might be a better idea to patronize a proper store, but be prepared to pay the premium. Otherwise, if it is of any help I do participate in some of the sales by our advertisers too.

    Cheers! And happy shopping =)
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