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    haha i am receiving differing views and opinions w.r.t the crop. but wont the facial expression be compromised if i were to include more surrounding? (: i am just thinking. thanks alot for ur comment though. i am a fan of ur work btw. haha
    well, if you limit yourself to composing based on web postings, then that is an artificial limitation.

    this is not to say that you take a 10mm and stand 2 km away and claim that the facial expression is not compromised, but as long as the details can be seen, it shouldn't be a problem, at least not for me. an expression remains an expression, when the details aren't compromised. you could put it to half size in the entire frame, and it would still be visible.

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    do it at a greater tilt. best is show the reflection of the face from window. use a portrait framing, and not horiziontal one. may be better.

    i like the kind with the reflection. shows thinking. add in stuff that will suggest travelling away? since its good bye. depends on how u interpret it i guess
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