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    Hi All, Greetings to Seniors,

    I think, if one's pockets are deep enough - then nothing but the orginals will do.

    However, I do so have just a few deep pockets ( though how I wish I have more ), I'd still try and save while I indulge in this hobby - I feel third party lenses are cheaper, and possibly yield exceptionally good photos.

    I understand, some of you may beg to dffer, but it all comes down to persoanl preferencs, and of course, funding limitations.
    My funding is "limited" by my wife ! *sigh*
    She tied a chain to my wallet lah.....



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    Err, there is nothing wrong with 3rd party lenses, some are really wonderful in terms of performance/price ratio. Many photographers got great shots even with point-and-shoot. Just feel comfortable in buying 3rd party lenses, but make sure they fit your purpose

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    Agreed. If you're not doing professional work then there's really very little wrong with 3rd party glass. In fact, even if you are doing professional work, you should have little problem with some of Tokina's AT-X series; some of them (though not all) are very solidly built.

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    Lots of Sigma owners around too

    I think 3rd party lenses get a bad rap because of the reputation of their superzooms (24-200, 28-300). I lent a friend my sigma 28-70 which he compared at 28mm to his Tamron 28-200 (or was it 28-300, can't remember) and even on 4R print, can tell the difference in picture quality.
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