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Thread: Volunteer Photogs for Elderly home

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    me too !! pm me pls

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    Hi everybody,

    thanks for the enthusiastic responses and to stefen for posting the bulletin for me. allow me to give all more details. i'm working for the Lions Home for the Elders, doing corporate communication. Currently the Home is looking into having its own photo library for uses on its website, flyers, newsletter etc.

    as a charity organisation, we try to save as much as we can and maximise our resources, as such i am resorting to seeking volunteer service for the project from kind souls like yourselves.

    i would prefer to have the photoshoots in digital forms for easy storage and access in future. interested parties please email me at and leave me your contacts and experiences and if possible your portfolio.

    thanks again for all the offers!


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    please inform me as well..i've worked for homes before and willingly to be volunteeeerrrr i can talk to the old people there and play with them hehe..

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