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Thread: Sigma 24-135mm or Tamron 24-135mm

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    Default Sigma 24-135mm or Tamron 24-135mm


    May I know does anyone own the above lens? May I know what are your views?

    Thank you very much.


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    I have been using the Tamron 24-135mmm SP for some 2 years now. It's been an excellent lens. Great edge to edge quality (for its price) and fast AF on a Dynax 7. Hunts very little under low light (altho' that is dependent on the AF sensor on the camera as well). Pretty well-constructed and seems to be durable. But the lens is quite heavy. I use to use it with a Dynax 505si and it was really unbalanced. Should retails for less than the $580 that I paid for at MS Colour in May 2002. It very versatile as it has a real useful wide end and relatively long telephoto end. No optical distortion visible even at the widest and printed up to 8"x12" (i.e. blowing up does not magnify any slight distortion that may be present and not seen at 4R size). Colour saturation is a little muted, not as vibrant but still very good. Can't beat my 50mm prime of course but such a long zoom, it's definitely more than ok. I usually use Fuji Superia 200.


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