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Thread: ibook g4 need help

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    Default Re: ibook g4 need help

    i got this actual same problem with my mac Ibook G4. my is those freebies from singnet Year 2005 aug.

    first, it is about autodim. it go from autodim, auto sound off. auto switch screen.
    use external keyboard. the autodim go away, live with it. (look ugly with external keyboard)

    half year later, it start with long boot up time - 30mins or so? and display look funny...
    not sure if display problem or hdd problem...

    the point been.... things are not built to last these days....

    got to let it RIP....

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    Default Re: ibook g4 need help

    got the key board replace at IDT Gallery at #06-69, SLS. damage = $79, 30days warranty.

    they have one keyboard but the ribbon connector is too short

    end up use a europe style keyboard. can work can liao.
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