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Thread: Mid Career Switch to TEACHING. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Mid Career Switch to TEACHING. Any thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sion Prieur View Post
    Came out after two years. Now the engineer is working happily at Nidec and the arts fella is happily driving his black RX8 after taking over his father's western eatery shop in Bedok.
    Nitec or Nidec? very different leh.. one is educational institution the other is a Japanese Company. "working happily" somemore....

    Anyway, back to topic..

    The MOE always do a lot of advertising.. giving impression that they need teachers.. In reality, I guess, they have no lack of candidates.. Coz I'm aware of many professionals who attempt a mid career switch to teaching but not accepted by MOE.

    By some automation selection program or something like that, Almost all applicants will be granted an interview, so long as they hold a degree. But going to the interview is different story. No sure what they're looking for actually. My friends with strong passion for teaching and have many years teaching experience as private tutor were also not accepted.

    Maybe it's different in the field of arts..

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    Default Re: Mid Career Switch to TEACHING. Any thoughts?

    thank you guys!!!! GREAT!!! i spent a long time reading and digesting all the suggestions and info.

    yes, i'll follow my heart becos i do think about my job everyday and to be honest, wishing i jumped at the chance to teach at ITE a few years ago when I was approached.

    i'm not too worried about the pay scale, becos i m prepared for a paycut. i dun have any expensive hobbies or interest to upkeep, less my toys(Macross and the likes!! kekeke!) so i guess i'm mentally prepared for the pay adjustment.

    i guess it is really a big challenge and i have to think about it very carefully with my family.

    and hell yeah!! i'll get my manager to secretly draft me an employment letter to show to the MOE. kekeke

    thanksssssss guys!!!! WOOOOO!!!!
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