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Thread: Shutter speed burst shot problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    They are all semi-conductor. But the architecture of the chip are very different from generation to generation.
    This I agree... The BUS architect will be very different with each iterations. Ie increase scanning and transmitting frequency. However the file handling protocol will be the same and always limited by the number of pins. Each pin connection is assign for a specific task. Typically, 2 pins will be for power input and output and a number of pins will be for transmitting the system's command and even sometimes for spares/not in use. That leaves a few pins to transfer the actual data.

    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Both is flash memory, right?
    This I don't agree, as there is one CF card that cannot be categories under flash memory. As pointed out by Bro Daredevil, there are several incarnation of the CF card one of which is the CF micro-drive. As the name denotes, that is actually a mini hard disk encased in a CF card. So strictly speaking that is not a flash memory but an electromagnetic memory.
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