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Thread: YOG - use of DSLR?

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    Default YOG - use of DSLR?

    I have been told that in the T&C is says you can take phoots inside the venue, but pro photography devices are strictly prohibited.
    Does that mean no use of DSLR? That really sucks
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    Default Re: YOG - use of DSLR?

    What is pro photography devices?

    Most amateurs I know have better gears than pros..

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    Default Re: YOG - use of DSLR?

    I'm under the impression that I can use DSLR, providing it does not obstruct other viewers, and flash is not to be used, and photographs/video is not used for commercial use?

    7. Code of Conduct

    7.1 For the comfort and safety of spectators, athletes and staff, the following is a list of activities that are restricted or prohibited (as the case may be) at any Venue, Session or Event:

    7.1.1 The prohibited activities/behaviour include but are not limited to: reservation of seats; smoking; crossing over the guardrail, treading on the seats or throwing items to the field of play or spectators stands; carrying baby strollers into seating area (strollers can be deposited at the Information service booth.); entering non-spectator areas where games accreditation is required such as hospitality area, staff area and the Field of Play, etc; opening of umbrellas in seating area such that the umbrellas block the view of fellow spectators; collectively use and/or display of banners, accessories and/or attire with obvious commercial, political and/or religious signs or messages; any unauthorised publicity, promotion or display, fund-raising activities, preaching of religion or distribution of any giveaway or product, free of charge or otherwise, and any form of betting or gambling activities; blocking the passage or obscuring other spectator’s view in the seating area; unauthorised video and/or audio recording or photography for commercial purposes; other behaviours that may distract the attention of athletes, technical officials and coaches, hinder the progress of the Singapore 2010 Games or cause undue disturbance to other spectators, including but not limited to the use of flashlight or flash photography during Events or Session and non-compliance with the directions or instructions of the work staff, etc. of a Venue; dangerous or disruptive behaviour including but not limited to public drunkenness, fighting, threatening venue staff, spitting; showing of flags of non-competing NOCs, countries or regions of the Singapore 2010 Games or, flags over two square metres (i.e. two metres in length and one metre in width) with the objective of making a statement (political or religious) in public.


    7.6 As a condition for entry to a Venue, each Ticket Holder grants perpetual permission to the IOC and SYOGOC and authorised third parties, without requirement of payment of any form, to use photographs, film, tape or other images of such Ticket Holder incidental to any live or recorded video display or transmission or reproduction in whole or part of the Event or Session which he attends. Each Ticket Holder agrees that images, videos and sound recordings of the Singapore 2010 Games obtained by such Ticket Holder with personal mobile phones, cameras, video and audio devices or other means will not be used for broadcast, publication, or any other commercial purposes under any circumstances, whether on the internet or otherwise.
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    Default Re: YOG - use of DSLR?

    yes. flash is prohibited during games shoot i think...


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