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Thread: LINEARSTUDIOS - Experimental lighting + Pro model Shoot 8 May 2004

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    its fine with me..

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    Im fine with the date

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    A full swing shoot with not only a Pro model but also a Professional Make up Artist

    1) tonski
    2) reivax
    3) tolitz
    4) tingchiyen
    5) cointre
    6) agape01

    reserve list

    1) reachme2003
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    Hi ppl,

    Posted he models photo

    Also the concept for this experiment has been changed to

    1 out fit Rugged casuals (Rather have more time shooting)

    Dramatic make up (dark eye shadows etc etc)

    BIG Hair

    Split lighting mostly (ie: half the face is in shadows)

    Dark colored backdrops black/grey (we have got 9 now by the way)

    Smoke yes thats right smoke like smoke machines

    Crazy ? well I figured you guys would want some crazy stuff for your portfolios heres the chance !

    For those keen to join (slots are full) I can start 1 @ 430 pm - 730 with either the same or another model if there is strong interest, pls post your replies here or PM me. I'll book the model and makeupartist as per requested.

    The rest pls pay up !!! model + makeup artist are not going to be cheap for this shoot. Model = full time professional makeup artist also 10 years in this business.

    Any quries pls do not hessitate to post em up here !

    Cheers !!! and Gd Nite peeps ~

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    Gentle reminder,

    will help if you guys process with the payment as The model is very expensive ah !

    Ppl on the reserve list are now open to sign up 1st come 1st served.

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    uppzzzzzz.... for brett! shame i can't make it this round....
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    Default Have you guys seen this ?

    Mafia Gang, see this and add yours too ! (the male model)

    heh heh

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    Thumbs up

    Walauwww!!!! U really post ha! hehehehe...

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    hope he don't mind ! LoL Thanks for the Aubery Miles + Zburi + Joyce they are my IDOLS ...

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