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    Hi all,

    Would like to ask all of you how do you do your watermark?
    Currently I am using picasa, and it can do a very simple watermark with the text you put in, but when your interest grow, I wish to put in more complicated design but do not wish to spend too much effort doing every single one of them.

    Any idea how you do your watermark? Simple and Complicated way are welcome for idea creation, thanks.
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    why not look in the Digital Darkroom category, or online? This has been discussed to death already, quite frankly.

    and the answer is simple: Put in some effort to get it right, then re-use that one.

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    140 posts and still found the Search function? It's even listed on the main page: Fun with Photoshop - Borders and Signatures.

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    U only need to design once & use insert into each of ur photo. It's not necessary to re-do for each photo. I don't know abt picassa, I use PS to design one & insert it with a recorded action. Jst a few click, very simple...
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