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Thread: How do I drive to Panti Forest?

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    Default How do I drive to Panti Forest?

    Need directions from guys who visited Panti Forest before. I've searched around and could not find much information on how to get there. Appreciate if anyone who had been there be able to guide me through.

    - I've read in an article that visitor need to have a permit being allowed to enter. Is this true?
    - Is there a nearby carpark?

    Appreciate you help. Thank You.

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    Default Re: How do I drive to Panti Forest?

    Drive from JB to Kota Tinggi..... park you car there at the waterfall and head uphill and ask people along the way to Gunung Panti .... nice day trip.
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    Default Re: How do I drive to Panti Forest?

    Panti Forest from JB is 61km. Drive from JB to Kota Tinggi..... after passing Kota Tinggi go all the way straight, when seeing a uphill road, look for the two Forts on the road side, one on the right one on the left, seeing the two Forts turn to left, that is the road enter to the Panti Forest. Go there early in the morning at 7 to 7.30am there is no one to check the permit. Most of the time you would not see any Park Rangers around. I would like to go again to shoot macro, do inform me thanks


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