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Thread: Purpose of lens hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numnumball View Post
    Think the sad truth nwadays is ppl use it to look more pro than to shield off strong light intensity that invites flare/protect their front element..

    Got a friend once ask me :
    Fren : Hw to use CPL arh?
    NNB : Remove ur hood/UV, and screw in front of ur filter thread and rotate, u noe can saturate sky and remove reflection tis n tt...
    Fren : Arh, u mean mus remove Hood then can use meh, aiyoh, lidat, not pro liao leh.. Think nt need CPL la.. mus take out hood, sian..
    NNB : ..... ..... ..... .... .....

    haha. LOL la. if my fren tell me tt i think i will faint on the spot. either tt or laugh at him
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    Thank you all for giving me all these info. Till next time!
    Its not about how good your equpiment is, its how good the person behind it is.

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