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    Hello all,

    i have been having a go at photography/editing for a couple of weeks now and found this site to be a great source of information and inspiration. Mistakingly i posted this in the wildlife gallery first but my efforts seem to be on the artier side of things rather then outright realism.
    I think this picture has interesting content and makes for a bit of a deliberately bright, lazy and perhaps slightly surreal scene so thought i may share my efforts.

    Really want to improve so am welcoming all advice given.

    Cheers all

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    Hi, you might want to take it easy with the post processing. Too contrasty and too saturated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeAnCoLd View Post
    Hi, you might want to take it easy with the post processing. Too contrasty and too saturated.
    Agreed! Even on the iPhone it looks like paintcolour. If you want to make those artist impressions look via PS I suggest u look online for tutorials. Anyhow as a photo,

    I would preferbly use a larger aperture and focus on the kitty since it would isolate from the messy background (leaves) better..

    To enhance the isolation I would also reduce the intensity and saturation of the background leaves relative to the subject .. That would make the cat stand out more.

    Composition can be improved, but don't let anyone tell u what ur style shld be. Personally I would take a little less of the left side.

    And again, don't oversaturate!

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    Ok that sound is the sound of my falling ego hahaha.
    I seem to have a fetish for overly saturated and highly contrasted pictures (just like the following two) ......but like most festishes they should be left at home i guess

    In my defence i used to be quite an accomplished painter who eventually moved towards loud street type art so maybe it's throwback to that? so time to tone it down a little or ALOT

    Now forging ahead with some great advice;
    less saturation, less contrast and some work on clarity/ problem. i will rework the original photo and would love to get some ongoing C & C.

    Cheers all for the advice

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    Moving right along in the mean time on the other end of the spectrum my other favourite seems to be black and white......where can i improve here?


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