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Thread: speedlight overexposure.

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    Default speedlight overexposure.

    hi snappers..i needed some help and tips..hope you guys can help me out..
    alright do know whats d main cause of overexposure when using a speedlight which is set to auto TTL? im using emoblitz speedlight by d way...
    thanks..hope u guys could help me..

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    Default Re: speedlight overexposure.

    Have you set the Flash Exposure Compensation? Lower the FEC to -1 or even -2 if it is too strong.

    Also, is the flash set directly on to the subject? Are you using a diffuser? Post a sample picture so we can help diagnose.

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    Default Re: speedlight overexposure.

    Read up about how the flash metering for your camera works. Which camera do you use? Also, keep in mind that 3rd party flash systems might have some compatibility issues and not support all features.

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    Default Re: speedlight overexposure.

    there are many reasons for the picture overexposed when using flash.

    you want us to list down one by one?

    ok, just name a few,

    using flash in daylight with wide open aperture...
    subject too close..
    subject too small and background is too dark or far away..
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    Default Re: speedlight overexposure.

    Post samples...impossible to diagnose
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    Default Re: speedlight overexposure.

    hey guys firstly i would like to thank you for all your replies wanting to help me out I'm using Nikon D5000 and also when i took the picture i was using it directly to the subject and yes i had a diffuser on.. if we are too close to the subject it could also be overexposure is it?? like total brightness:P?
    okie..i will post up some pictures you guys could get the clearer picture

    thanks you guys


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