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Thread: d5000 or d90

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    I got my D90 less than a week ago and i swear, i'm not regretting it. Although it seems like those complicated functions are all so messed up (in fact i ALMOST got 550D) but give yourself some time to pick them up and you'll do fine. I mean, what's the point of getting something that won't make you learn? After all (what i think) photography's much about learning and those custom settings will definitely come into use someday.

    Maybe i've been toying with P&S cameras since i'm a little boy, and i've been reading up much about dslr so i am able to get a hang of it pretty okay currently.

    If your budget permits, do go for D90. Otherwise D5k will be pretty fine, just that apart from the lack of AF-motor, you'll have additional steps to tweak the settings.

    Sorry bros, newbie ranting here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremynkl View Post

    Greetings. You sounded quite rude, as expected.
    Hahas. Ever heard of the saying, " Think thrice before speaking?"
    I mentioned research is important as it will give you some basic knowledge about the DSLRS the person has set in mind.
    So, he can go there and try out the DSLRs to feel and touch the actual thing.
    Let's put into good words that the person should ask for the models in his mind and touch it to feel the difference and of course talk to a real person who knows something about the DSLR. I know, professional trainers are more wiser. They are more knowledgeable but do you understand what is service
    Tell me, if a sales person talks to you coldly and the price of the thing you want to buy is sky-high, would you even consider about it?

    Topic is D5000 or D90, TS got trouble with deciding, esp with posts by ppl who recommended D3X. LOL. (over budget liao wor.)

    I am comparing canon with nikon. I Know, other brands are good but if the TS likes nikon that much, you can't force him to go with other brands?

    You assume that the sales people knows the cameras well. I can tell you most sales people manning camera counters are not very knowledgeable.

    So let me ask you, Do you understand what is commission based sales? Or sales commission based on profit margin?
    If a salesman talk to you very warmly, calls you brother, but price is high as hell, will you buy there?
    If a salesman talk to you very coldly, but gives you one of the best prices, will you buy there?
    The thing is, if you ask the sales man to recommend, and they recommend a model you did not research, you will not know if the price is good or not. Will you buy at the spot?

    Just because Octarine was blunt about how ridiculous some of your advice were, doesn't mean he is rude. Maybe your ego is hurt? Let me be blunt again, you are not making sense dude. And think twice about the "advice" before you give them out.

    PS: I know, I am a newbie but can't you just help the fellow here who is asking which modelis better? Instead of pinpointing what people has said?
    Octarine is trying to help. Especially by pointing out the bad misinformation you said. Actually his actions helped more than your first post, even if yours is longer.

    Also, Cathay is a OK shop. But I have to say the Peninsular branch is better. There have been mixed reviews of the branch in Marina. The best way to get good prices in Cathay is to request for an e-quote via email. There are many other good shops around too. Some will consistently sell at lower prices than CP. The thing is, you have to shop around in SG to find the best price. If you are willing to pay more money for the same product to get better service, that is your prerogative. But you need to present a balanced view.
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