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Thread: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

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    Default Re: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

    don't MO doesn't want to screw up their career and trainingship while in NS....

    ask them for their MCR number if they screw u up....tell them you want to write in to SMC and enquire on their professionalism and ethic conduct....if they don't piss in their pants after that..i think they just want to lose their license.....

    FYI..i went for my ortho consult...i only had an MC. when i see the MO..i just tell him my specialist says he will review me in MMI as he is part of the panel... the MO then take out his guide bk and type in the necessary into the system. less than 5 min i am done.

    because of my appt. i am not required to be present for Board just sit back and get my result. For you,you most likely will have to attend a board review. so abit diff...but the before stages..i think we all shld be the same

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    Default Re: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

    Ya, now i civi liao, i dun tink i will be as fearful of them as b4. it's not worth risking our health or even lives for this kind of thing.

    You mean your private ortho specialist also sits in the MMI panel?

    Wow you lucky la. i tink the MO when he heard your specialist is part of the panel, how could he dare to defy?

    So now they dun call you back for ict?

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    Default Re: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andreq View Post

    Yah hope so. I think I got a case bah...

    Cos you know, anything goes in SAF. Heard lots of stories. I remember last time during BMT, the buay song MO made the recruits do push-ups as a sort of punishement! I can't remember what it was for, but it's crazy. What if someone collapses? I dunno how the MOs these days are like. I did encounter nice ones in the past, but there were a few who behaved or thot they were gods!


    Ya, I was referring to the medical review at the medical center. Not the medical board one. I just made an appt. Not sure if they will refer me for medical board yet.

    If your supporting documents are very strong, the the MO will be able to downgrade you on the spot without the need for you to attend medical board.

    at least that is my case. the MO after reading my mri report, straight away inform me i will be downgraded. A MC was given me on the same day with the remarks - Normal duties. Downgrade to C9L9. 1 month later, i receive the official letter from medical board informing me new pes status and subsequently, reflected that too.

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    Post Re: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

    -Call for medical review
    -See the MO
    -MO can refer you to restructured hospital with subsidised fee till the point of making a diagnosis. Subsequent treatment or physio stuffs u have to pay.
    - Meanwhile because of long waiting times for specialist review in hospitals and that medical boards are a scheduled affair, the MOs will usually cover u a long excuse from IPPT / RT etc .
    * u may need to go back for a review and extend the excuse if there are many follow up sessions or delayed scans by the specialist.
    - come back with the memo by specialist to the MO
    ( for slip disc, it would be nice to have a note on what the MRI found or whatever the specialist investigated etc .. )
    - MO will put you up for medical board.

    - U already saw ur private specialist, and gotten the relevant scans or investigations done, and he / she has written up a nice medical report for the MO
    - Call for a review
    - 1st visit the MO can put u up for medical board
    - MO will usually give u an excuse to cover from IPPT/ RT training in the meanwhile before the results of the medical board is out.

    I seriously dun think the MOs stationed for review of the reservist folks like us are there to create issues, and downgrade or not and how so depends on the medical board specialists involved. Why be so confrontational anyway during the medical review.. not unless somehow u enjoy having confrontational customers pissing you off in your work everyday.

    BTW. the MO reviewing you might not just be an NSF MO. He might be a consultant on reservist.


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    Default Re: New medical problem - how to seek help from SAF medical board?

    Since you are going to the ICT very soon, it might be faster than login to NS.SG portal make appointment blah blah blah....

    1st day at ICT after In-Pro, go see MO. Ryan above is right. the Reservist MO might be reviewing instead of the NS MO.

    Sorry to hear your condition, take care & dont carry heavy stuff!

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